Cheap marine reef LED lights

Sometimes living in a small home is a good thing – for example if I had more space at home I may have converted a room into a very costly aquarium display room similar to what I had when younger and living at home with my parents. I grow up with several custom tanks ranging from 2x 10G breeder tanks, 2x tall 20G tanks (tetra), 2x 40G tanks (discus), long 48G tank (cichlids), wide and short 33G + sump tank (saltwater reef), 45G + sump tank (saltwater marine life), 135G tank (mix of freshwater) and varies small tanks.

Ultimately I believe when Madaleine is old enough to understand “life” and participate in this hobby of aquariums I may squeeze in a ‘small’ Fluval M60 (or M40 if space is really restricted) next to the entertainment wall. For now, I am content with the pico Dymax IQ3 (1.8G) and converted Fluval Spec V (5G) reefing tanks.
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