Cheap marine reef LED lights

Sometimes living in a small home is a good thing – for example if I had more space at home I may have converted a room into a very costly aquarium display room similar to what I had when younger and living at home with my parents. I grow up with several custom tanks ranging from 2x 10G breeder tanks, 2x tall 20G tanks (tetra), 2x 40G tanks (discus), long 48G tank (cichlids), wide and short 33G + sump tank (saltwater reef), 45G + sump tank (saltwater marine life), 135G tank (mix of freshwater) and varies small tanks.

Ultimately I believe when Madaleine is old enough to understand “life” and participate in this hobby of aquariums I may squeeze in a ‘small’ Fluval M60 (or M40 if space is really restricted) next to the entertainment wall. For now, I am content with the pico Dymax IQ3 (1.8G) and converted Fluval Spec V (5G) reefing tanks.
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Big White Snowboarding and Snowshoeing
December 2016

Big White: It’s The Snow

Big White is one big white mountain and it truly is about the snow, as per their website … and the fog and cold! For frequent visitors we call it “Big White” because of we are often fogged out or rather “white out” hence the “big white” meaning to us. That said, our December trip was absolutely the opposite – we had the best weather with clearest skies although a bit snippy.

A bit snippy may be an understanding – at our comfy chalet (more on this later) we registered a brisk -26C. Uh huh -26C without wind chill. At the base of the slopes before getting on the chair lifts we were told by the chair operator to “Stay warm!” as it was -28C. Lucky for me I decided to forget my ski mask during my mad pack and rush! BOY did my face freeze over at the top!

For the most part even though it was cold we were dressed for the weather and absolutely loved the warmth of the sun from the open clear skies – Madaleine soaked in all the rays with the cold dense air and we are now believers of the Nordic way to encourage babies to sleep in the cold (Google “nordic baby cold sleeps”). Madaleine had a small growth spurt on the tail end of our trip – third and fourth day.

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