Transitional Day to WordPress

Today marks the official day of this website’s morph from old to new (forth edition).

The site was previously using a base code from “Simple PHP Blog” where customized tidbits served me well for over a decade however with all the life changes I or rather now we as a family have undergone, I felt the need for a website overhaul but without all the crazy customization – WordPress to the recuse =)

Now let us hope I can do a good job with what makes a website worthwhile to read – frequent content updates \(o.0)/

*Stay tuned! I am working on porting some information over.



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Merry Christmas …8 Month Update!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas during this holiday season – wishing your piggy banks best of luck as well 😉

Madaleine is growing fast… too fast. She has since started eating lots of solid foods, blabbering many different things, grabbing and pulling at anything, laughs at and eggs Chloe on to be her playmate, shorter naps (hah!) and just a boat load of fun (oh when will I have her on her first boat ride???).
Here is a video of Madaleine during her 5 to 8 month growth period – when I get some time I will post our Big White trip with Madaleine.

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