Summer Trip to Kelowna; Madaleine’s first sweet taste =)

Our friends JoAnn and Craig invited us to a fantastic weekend of fun, their wedding!
We booked a “tiny home” on the lakeside down from a farmers home off Lake Country.
*** I am quite exhausted so I think a few photos below tell the story and one day I will revisit this blog to complete it =)

From Daycare to Kelowna
Tiny Home

Tiny Home

Tiny Home

Happy Girl
Tiny Home
4AM Beauty
Madaleine’s first boat ride
Dining on the porch
Early morning fishing portrait
EOD wedding selfie
Its all mine!!!
What is this … taste?!
Oh, how I love this sweet taste!
Would you like some to eat as well?
First time at White Spot.
Napped and snacked … time for dinner 😉
Heading home …

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