Remember that promise I made about posting more recently?
Yes, I have been busy but I am not letting February slip away without at least one post.
Truth be told I have a few videos I want to edit and post such as the Chef Camp Italia Artisan pizza oven with some yummy homemade pizzas –

Or about the beautiful Yamaha U30 we brought home –

… But sadly posting about these and many other events in lengthier format is not a priority for me at the moment. As family we have been hosting the ill bug and we are finally over it – Yahoo!!!

So here is a quick post on a homemade hot chili sauce that is a great hit with many folks who have tasted it.
As always I taste and smell as make my food for what I want with the ingredients I have – experiment and get what you want:

– Several Thai peppers (I ended up using 16).
– 2-3 Jalapeno peppers.
– 3-6 Serrano peppers.
– Salt (to your taste but you need at least some to bring flavours out).
– Sugar (to sweeten but more of a “heat” reduction for the after taste stage).
– White Vinegar (usage is same similar to sugar and adds that “tang”).
– Whole fresh lime.
– Olive Oil (optional – I do not always use it and did not for this batch).
– Ginger – minced for juice, less fibres.
– Garlic – pressed – I used one and half heads =)

It is usually best to deseed the peppers so your lovely guests trying out the sauce will not hit landmines. I do keep the inside bits which are the hottest parts of the pepper to ensure I have the kicking heat.
Note: If you have a toddler make sure to not hand feed your child any food heh yup I did >.< Poor Madaleine. Blend add blend add etc - taste as you go. Very simple and delicious!

Hot Chili Sauce ingredients
Hot Chili Sauce
Hot Chili Sauce in a jar
Hot Chili Sauce in a jar

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