May flowers and June bugs; Tis the Season for Weddings  

May is the special month to celebrate mothers ... just another excuse to ask mom what she wants and to cook up a good meal. This year, mom has for a good steak.
I was happy to oblige - Waygu beef to the rescue!

Cuts are Sirloin; Can you guess which pieces are the Waygu or AAA?
Curious about the beef? Check out my video.

May is the month for our Victoria Day. Our annual trip to The Firs took event with the Resonance Church. Each year we are blessed with the opportunity to teach the children (some now teens) and chillax together at the beach =)

May is also a time when Richmond Christian School puts on their fabulous musical performance at Gateway. This year they tackled Shrek. A lot of painting, planning, playing, rehearsals and dedication from the parents. 40 actors, 13 singer-dancers, 21 musicians, 22 artists… and this just in…. 11 surprise staff cameo appearances! Three nights of awesome performance - bravo RCS!

At last ... wedding season is in full swing.
This year I started with a bang in Napa Valley and San Francisco.
My two favorite eats were:

(Very long wait but worth it!)

I got to take photos of the calamari, and calm chowder bowl.

A little sight seeing and goofing around:

More weddings ...

Results in many of these occurrences:

Busy May and the start of June will be no different.
Anyone up for a cycle tonight? =)
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Just as my wife would say, I am a Busy Bee! 

You know the saying "Live Life To The Fullest"?
In worldly ways, it can only be accomplished with money. Thankful I have my LORD Jesus Christ to thank for giving me eternal life - how much fuller can life get with Him, the Princess of Peace =)

YouTube and Netflix has a lot of media to watch - I have no need for cable but there are times where I want it. For example for the Olympics and of course hockey. Most of these events are broadcasted on CBC of which I receive the transmission via over the air in full HD:

All you need to do is create a dipole effect ... a T where the horizontal bars are are needed. This setup took me all of 30 seconds to put together. It took me longer to find the metal hangers!!! Fine tune one channel (DT 2-1 for CBC) by rotating the antenna on the x-axis until you get best signal then set your TV for auto-detect. On my plasma TV I have a manual tuning setting that shows the signal strength. Makes it easy to manual tune for best results.

Sadly, I got to watch Canucks lose the playoff series in crystal clear HDTV and Dolby sound =(
Regardless of the game I had a wonderful night with friends over several bottles of tequila:

Oh - anyone else waiting for the Sony Xperia Z4 to hit our local markets? I am personally hoping for a 'Compact' release much like the Z3 Compact but Z4. My Z3 is rather large and I find it difficult to single-hand swype type.

The weather held up for a few days which allowed us to do some staining:

What a happy lazy dog!

Now we have a nice picnic table to use outdoor with moveable benches (smart and functional right!?).

More yard trimming, weeding and lawn care took place. Installed a new PIR yard light functioning off my 12V battery in the shed - it works good! I will get a video to show it off on YouTube.

How many of you cycle? Please obey the road rules; The laws are in place to protect you as a cyclist but as with all things, use your head and think of your safety first!
Cyclist woman cutting across a parking lot entrance

I am hoping for good weather this weekend. Last weekend I wanted to go on a long 150-200km or 3 hour ride but rain greeted us in the morning. Interestingly enough the afternoon cleared up but by that time I was doing all the yard work as previously noted. I had to do something to keep myself busy and cheery!

Putting the picnic table to good use. Changing my slicks to grooved tread road tires in hopes to avoid the many flats I so often receive.

Can you see who is peeking through the door?

Chloe likes to know what is going on. The weather has been warming up (though wet...but warm) so the GoodYear Duratrac Wrangler A/T tires had to be unmounted ASAP. Don't want the soft rubber to go bad. Got to say, the Toyo Open Country A/T II tires are not as aggressive but are incredibly smoother - my MPG is easily 3-5 mpg better with these tires over the Duratrac!

Phew, that was a fair bit of rambling. Believe it or not there was a lot more to share but I am getting thirsty and I might want to play some Guild War (yup, I re-installed it!).

Buzzing out!
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Today is a good day. Good work day, great weather, green lawn (yeah still a lot of weeds though) and it is the first Hockey Night Canada 2015 PLAYOFFS!

The Montreal Canadiens took the win over Ottawa Senators, 4 - 3. A good battle back from behind.

But enough of those Canadians ... The Nucks are playing and the first period has been a blast so far!

Chowing down my homemade cheese jalapeno onion sauce pasta and downing some Pure Alberta Canadian Whisky. Cant get any better at the moment watching the game - wait, yes it can... WIN CANUCKS!!! Take GAME 1!

Enough of my yabber.
Game time!
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Quick business trip out to Springfield Ohio 

If you have been viewing my Tweets you would have known I was traveling.
This trip was filled with multiple rough plane landings, delayed flights, thunderstorms - praying for all those affected - and ... beef beef beef.

Started off the day with the usual Tim Horton's sandwich and tea. Got to get something in to the stomach because hoping flights and driving long distances (though this trip was much shorter) is very taxing on the body. In fact here is a photo of my step counter when I finally got to the hotel ready to wind down and catch some Zzz:

Oh and just throwing this out there, worse pillow setup ever ...

Anyway, work was work. Long hours hard working but not in vain - customer was happy with the end results and relationships were established.

With that said some outlet shopping was in order and I picked up some gear including new runners (not as light as my New Balance but cheap):

Exhausted from the week and the last minute shopping adventure I was really hoping to get some good shuteye. LORD Almighty we need to pray for the disaster that happened; The biggest tornado hit 5 hours away from our hotel but there was no rest of most at the hotel - the thunder was booming.

CNN Tornadoes rip through parts of Midwest; 2 killed.

Alright, time to sign out. Before I do, here are some food photos =)

Texas Roadhouse

Halfback prime ribs, 10oz Ribeye (good marbling), Sweet Yam ... and the salad you cannot see but it was tasty with eggs and cheese!

Cecil and Lime Cafe

Black (Seasoning) and Blue (Gorgonzola Cheese) 8oz filet mignon, zucchini, baked potato and lobster risotto. I had to clarify what Black and Blue meant, glad I did because I thought hit was Philly/NY style - black on the outside and blue rare!

Werner's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

Coleslaw (ate it already), 10oz Ribeye, wedges (Mmmm!), 12 piece spicy BBQ smoked chicken wings and corn bread.

As usual, the last meal was ended with a Turkey Club sandwich with green salad at Wolfgang-Puck.

Isn't YVR so pretty?

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Easter Baptism 

Congratulations to our brothers and sisters in Christ who got wet today. Behold as we marvel at the empty tomb!
John 20

A special shout out to Henry and Siloam =)

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